Cannabis Webinar - Dr Joshua (Shuki) Aviram

What Role Does Gender Play in Cannabis Inhalation?  Closer Look with the SyqeAir metered-dose Inhaler.

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A rare opportunity to speak with Dr Joshua (Shuki) Aviram

Join us for an enlightening webinar with Dr. Joshua Aviram, a pioneer in the field of medical cannabis research. Dr. Aviram's groundbreaking study, "Evaluating Sex Differences in Efficacy, Safety, and Pharmacokinetics in Patients Treated with Cannabis by a Metered-Dose Inhaler," sheds light on the nuanced effects of medical cannabis across genders. 

The research analyses data from 1249 Israeli chronic pain patients over 240 days, looking into sex differences in treatment effectiveness, safety, or the pharmacokinetics of Δ9-THC, offering a fresh perspective on uniform cannabis treatment efficacy.

The paper underscores the pivotal insights into how medical cannabis treatment does not differ significantly between genders, challenging previous assumptions and guiding future clinical practices. 

We invite healthcare practitioners to register for this webinar to delve deeper into these findings, discuss their implications, and explore how they can inform more nuanced, effective, and personalized patient care in the realm of medical cannabis.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Aviram and to broaden your understanding of cannabis medicine's gender dynamics. Register now to secure your spot in this pivotal discussion.

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You can download Dr Aviram's paper below and make sure you have all your questions answered in person.

Date & Time
6 March 2024
5:30 pm 6:15 pm Australia/Melbourne


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