New 2022 Dr Ehrenstorfer Catalogue
Available now for download
9 March, 2022 by
Andrew Heath

Over 11000 items, 1291 pages of joy!

If you love reference materials as much as we do, then you will love the 2022 Dr Ehrenstorfer catalogue which is  now available to download from Novachem.

For almost 25 years, Novachem has been delivering Dr Ehrenstorfer products to Australian and New Zealand customers and we're proud to continue to deliver the highest quality CRMs for  food and environmental analysis to local laboratories.
The catalog contains amongst other things:
* A leading range of neat materials. Those that are manufactured under ISO 17034 are labelled in this catalogue with the symbol ‡* New pesticides and pesticide metabolites* Stable isotope labelled reference materials for analysis using mass spectrometry* A wide range of veterinary and pharmaceutical residue reference materials, including marker metabolites* Popular mixtures for EPA and other regulatory methods* A significant update to cannabis-related compounds including the addition of essential Cannabinoids* A chapter dedicated to our new range of Mycotoxins for your analytical testing

You can search Novachem's website for  all Dr Ehrenstorfer products or  get in touch with us if you require a quote for something specific.

All the product links in this catalogue will link directly to Novachem, so  download the catalogue now.

Thank you for choosing Dr Ehrenstorfer and Novachem.