AccuStandard May Newsletter
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18 May, 2023 by
Andrew Heath

New & Featured Products

PFAS Standards - Capstone B, USFDA C-010.02

To face the growing challenges of PFAS testing, AccuStandard continues to expand its product portfolio with CRMs to help you achieve reliable analysis for compounds such as Capstone B and other PFAS commonly found in foodstuffs in accordance with USFDA Method C-010.02.

Petrochemical Standards - ASTM D5580, D5501, D7096

Our newest additions for Petroleum reference standards include CRMs for ASTM test methods D5580D5501D7096 and a CRM for the analysis of Hydrocarbons in Waste Plastic Oil (WPO). These standards are prepared to meet the target concentration of the test method for convenient and efficient analysis.

Events & Charities

Pittcon 2023

We enjoyed attending Pittcon and spending time connecting with everyone. It is always great to meet with our distributors in person.

Distributor Visit

In March, we welcomed members of our distributor, Tusnovics Instruments Sp. z o.o. to AccuStandard.

They had a great time visiting local attractions, touring our facility, and meeting with different departments for training.

St. Patrick's Day 2023

Many of us wore green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and we enjoyed our tradition of eating green bagels.

End of Ramadan Breakfast

Every year, we celebrate the end of Ramadan by having breakfast together. Employees make and share delicious Kunafa, Baklava, Msemen and Moroccan green tea.

AccuSummer BBQ

We are kicking off our 2023 Summer BBQ Series early this year! This May, we have raised $700 to benefit Nathan Hale School, a local PreK-8 school. Our donation will help make their first Field Day since the pandemic extra special.


Want to keep up-to-date with everything AccuStandard? Learn about the latest developments in the analytical chemistry community and new chemical reference standards on our News & Updates page.

Nitrosamines In Food & Pharmaceuticals

From cured meat to cereal, N-nitrosamines can be found in different foodstuffs as well as pharmaceuticals. AccuStandard offers CRMs to test for N-nitrosamines, including standards for the new ASTM Test Method D8456. Read More

New Petroleum Standards Catalog 2023

Our newly updated Petroleum Standards Catalog offers reference standards for Sulfur content, Physical Properties, Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA), Biofuel Analysis and many others. Read More

New FDA and EPA PFAS Standards for Food and Water

Read more about our latest multiple component mixes M-533 and PFAS-FDA which are designed for PFAS testing in accordance with USEPA 533 and USFDA C-010.02. Read More