L-Glutamine now available
Quantitate with confidence
13 September, 2022 by
Andrew Heath

Looking to precisely quantify L-glutamine or evaluate metabolic flux in your in vitro and/or in vivo systems using 13C5 L-glutamine? Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) is pleased to offer highly pure and enriched 13C5 L-glutamine, which is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 

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L-Glutamine (13C5, 99%) CP 98%

0.1 mg, 0.01 g, 0.1 g, 0.25 g, 0.5 g, 1 g

This well-characterized 13C5 L-glutamine standard is ideally suited for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of experimental samples using metabolic profiling and/or flux tracing approaches.

Please contact Novachem if you would like to place an order, or enquire as to a bulk amount for your experiment.