Harness the Power of 'Omics with Cambridge Isotopes Limited, Available Through Novachem
Elevating Research Standards with High-Precision Proteomics and Metabolomics Tools
23 May, 2023 by
Andrew Heath

At Novachem, are proud to continue our commitment to research and share an our 'omics offerings. We are the exclusive distributor in Australia for Cambridge Isotopes Limited (CIL), the globally-renowned leader in the production of stable isotopes and stable isotope-labeled compounds. Today, we invite you to explore the vast potential of 'omics with CIL's groundbreaking Proteomics and Metabolomics products.

Proteomics: Unravelling the Protein World

At the heart of our Proteomics offerings are CIL's top-selling Stable Isotope Labeling by/with Amino acids in Cell culture (SILAC) Kits (L-Arginine for SILAC SKU: CLM-2265-H-PK), widely recognized for their critical role in quantitative proteomics. With the power of these stable isotopes at your disposal, you can accurately quantify differential protein expression across various cell states. Their high demand is a testament to their exceptional functionality and reliability in protein-based research.

Metabolomics: Tracing Molecular Pathways

Equally riveting is our Metabolomics range, featuring star products such as the universally labelled 13C Glucose (SKU: CLM-1396-1) and MSK Mixes including QReSS™ Kits (Find MSK Kits here). These isotope labelled products provide the vital tools you need to trace the fate of molecules through metabolic pathways, also known as fluxomics. By enabling a more precise and trustworthy analysis of complex biological interactions, these products empower your investigations into the intricate dynamics of life.

A Commitment to Innovation

What makes CIL stand out in the crowd is its unwavering dedication to advancing the field of 'omics. Driven by the latest research, CIL's product development ensures that it remains at the cutting-edge of Proteomics and Metabolomics. Furthermore, each product undergoes stringent quality control procedures to provide isotopes of unmatched isotopic enrichment and chemical purity.

Embark on Your 'Omics Journey with Novachem

It's time to take your research to the next level with the finest in 'omics products, now available right here in Australia, courtesy of Novachem and CIL. Discover the full range of CIL's Proteomics and Metabolomics offerings at Novachem and unlock a world of scientific exploration. Your voyage into the intricate mechanisms of life begins with us!

Download the full Metabolomics QReSS™ Kit brochure here.

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