Easy-to-Use QC and Quantification Kits for MS Proteomics
Unlock the potential of bottom-up proteomics.
19 July, 2022 by
Andrew Heath

Take advantage of the latest in Biomarker Assessment and Quality Control and unlock the potential of your bottom-up MS proteomic developments with the PeptiQuant™ Plus kits from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories (CIL) and Novachem! These readily available, easy-to-use kits have been carefully designed to enable:

  • increased depth and enhanced quality of protein quantification
  • protein disease biomarker screening
  • routine performance checks of analytical methods and/or instrument platforms

While the peptide mixes (stable isotope-labeled and unlabeled) can be applied to any LC-MS platform, please download our product flyers below to view the already optimized systems, as well as to gain insight into the kit details and mix compositions.

PeptiQuant™ Plus
Biomarker Assessment Kits

Targeted and precise quantitation of ≥125 proteins in human and mouse plasma samples

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PeptiQuant™ Plus
Quality Control Kits

performance assessment of targeted (or untargeted)  plasma proteomic workflows.

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