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A Clinical Primer to Medicinal Cannabis
17 June, 2022 by
Andrew Heath

Practitioner Focused

Bedrocan® and Novachem are proud to announce the release of the health care practitioner document "A Clinical Primer" authored by Dr Jürgen Fleisch & Martin Woodbridge ahead of the UIC conference in Queensland which starts later this week.


The benefits of health professional guidance cannabis-based medicines are increasingly being made available on a global level.

It is important that prescribers, pharmacists and nurses are equipped with practical, evidence-based guidance to support decision-making, and to improve communication of the benefits and risks of these medicines with their patients.

This clinical primer draws on clinical research, clinical observations, and professional experiences to provide useful, real-world insights to the rational use of cannabis-based medicines.

The primer has over 120 pages of practitioner information including sections on

Cannabis-based medicines
Pharmacokinetics based on administration method
Clinical strategies
Pharmacy and Nursing

as well as a range of real world insights from prescribers including

Associate Professor Dr Richard Chye, a palliative care physician from Australia
Dr Ruben van Coevorden, a GP and palliative care physician from the Netherlands
Professor Dr Geert Jan Groeneveld, a clinical neuro-pharmacologist from the Netherlands
Professor Dr Gerhard Kurlemann, a specialist in paediatric and adolescent medicine from Germany
Dr Zvia Rudich, a pain specialist from Israel
Somchai Thanasitthichai, an oncologist from Thailand
Dr Patrick Welsch, a pain specialist from Germany

Co-author of the Clinical Primer, Martin Woodbridge will be at the UIC conference presenting on a range of topics and looks forward to discussing the primer and other information with practitioners at the conference.

A strictly limited number of print copies of the primer will be available at the conference for practitioners. If you wish to reserve a copy please use our Conference Contact Form. We can make sure we reserve one for you to pick up. See us at Booth 5