U-13C or unlabeled yeast extracts
MS metabolomic and lipidomic analyses
28 July, 2022 by
Andrew Heath

Looking to enhance the quality and confidence of your MS metabolomic and lipidomic analyses? Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL), in partnership with ISOtopic Solutions and Novachem, is pleased to offer U-13C labeled (and unlabeled) metabolite- and lipid-specific yeast extracts. These dried-down extracts provide the unique capability of measuring 100s of metabolites or fatty acids/lipids in a single run.

These extracts have been rigorously characterized by a number of methodologies and are amenable to a variety of research uses after simple reconstitution. The components in the extracts span broad metabolic classes (e.g., amino and organic acids, sugar phosphates, coenzymes, fatty acids and lipids), biochemical pathways (e.g., citrate and glyoxylate cycle, nucleotide and lipid metabolism), and cellular/molecular processes (e.g., intracellular signaling, immune system, blood coagulation, lipolysis).

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  • Targeted or untargeted, MS-based analysis
  • Method and instrument QC
  • Quantitation
  • Biomarker discovery and verification
  • Reduces measurement uncertainty
  • Improves precision and accuracy
  • Enhances identification confidence
  • Decreases development time and cost

Dry extract of Pichia pastoris cells (strain CBS 7435).  Produced by ISOtopic Solutions (isotopic-solutions.com).


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