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4 June, 2024 by
Andrew Heath

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Introduction to JSR Corporation

JSR Corporation is a global leader in innovative materials, dedicated to advancing life sciences. Our expertise and commitment to excellence drive us to develop groundbreaking solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Overview of Amsphere™ Protein A ResinsAmsphere A3 Brochure

Our Amsphere™ line of Protein A resins is designed for superior affinity purification, ensuring high yield and purity in antibody production. These resins are essential in the downstream process of antibody drug production.

Features of Amsphere™ A3

Amsphere™ A3 is the next generation protein A affinity resin with outstanding performance features:

  • High Dynamic Binding Capacity (DBC): Maximizes antibody capture, reducing process time and increasing yield.
  • Superior Caustic Stability: Maintains performance even under rigorous cleaning conditions, capable of withstanding up to 300 cycles with 0.1 M NaOH.
  • Impurity Clearance: Achieves industry-standard impurity clearance, ensuring low levels of HCP, DNA, and aggregates.

Amsphere™ A3 is already in use for GMP manufacturing in clinical and commercial stages, demonstrating its robustness and reliability in various applications, including Fc-fusion molecules and antibody fragments​​. Download the brochure here.