AccuStandard New Petroleum Standards Catalog 2023
Hydrocarbon and Biofuel CRMs for Laboratory Analysis
8 June, 2023 by
Andrew Heath

AccuStandard Petroleum StandardsAccurate and reliable reference standards are critical for the evaluation of petroleum products to ensure quality and safety specifications are met. AccuStandard’s newly updated Petroleum Standards Catalog offers an extensive selection of petroleum reference standards for Sulfur content, Physical Properties, Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA), Biofuel Analysis and many others.

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AccuStandard’s product portfolio for petrochemical Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) offers high quality and cost-effective standards for different petroleum testing applications, including: physical property testing, sulfur content in different petroleum matrices, oxygenates in gasoline, biofuel standards plus many other ASTM, EN and IP test methods.

Our petroleum standards are made in accordance with our quality system, accredited to ISO 17034, which means they are subject to rigorous quality evaluation to provide reliability, quality compliance, and accurate test results.

AccuStandard has been a long serving member of one of ASTM’s largest committees D02, on Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants, as well as D16 on Aromatics, Industrial, Specialty and Related Chemicals. Serving on different technical subcommittees and working with fellow committee members has given us the opportunity to formulate products that meet the requirements of many of these test methods.

Our 2023 Petroleum Standards Catalog also features CRMs designed to comply with USEPA TIER 3 Gasoline specifications. This program has been developed as part of the USEPA effort to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality. Regulations require federal gasoline to have no more than 10 ppm sulfur content down from 30 ppm. The USEPA also requires the use of specific ASTM methods to meet the Tier 3 testing and certification requirements for Sulfur content, Benzene and Aromatic content, Olefins and Oxygenates. ASTM Tier 3 test methods include D86, D1319, D2622, D3606, D4815, D5453, D5769, D5599 and D7039.

Can’t find a standard that meets your needs in our catalog?

With exceptional customer service and years of technical expertise, AccuStandard can formulate quality custom standards that are uniquely made to meet your specific testing requirements. Our Custom CRMs are made following ISO 17034 quality guidelines offering not only convenience, but, most importantly, reliability and confidence.

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Why buy AccuStandard’s Custom Standards?

• Fast and knowledgeable quotation service
• Experienced technical support to answer your questions
• Formulation is carefully evaluated for stability and compatibility
• Balances used are verified daily against NIST traceable weights
• Certificate of Analysis (CoA) provided showing analytes certified values