LGC New 2016 LoGiCal Catalogue

Now over 2400 reference materials for clinical and forensic analyses

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  • LGC and Novachem proudly present the third update of the LoGiCal® Drug and metabolite reference materials’ catalogue
  • Since 2012, LGC have grown the LoGiCal range from 600 to over 2,400 products today
  • LoGiCal will continue to expand to offer you the most comprehensive range of clinical and forensic reference standards from a single source

So what’s in it?

Our new catalogue includes reference materials for: 

  • Drugs of abuse
  • Prescription drugs
  • Novel Psychoactive substances
  • Metabolites
  • Stable isotopes

Products are presented as both solutions and powders.

Download the catalogue now.